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Ufo Tent Light

The UFO tent light from OZtrail s going to be pretty handy for illuminating your shelter, gazebo, camper of 4WD on your next camping trip. This compact light is designed to fit in most outdoor shelters, so it’s going to be very versatile across the board. With both a hook and Velcro loop included, you’ll be able to hang it on the roof of your tent with ease. You can also use this light with your gazebo or 4WD as it has a built-in magnet.


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  • Compact light designed to fit most outdoor applications
  • Perfect to hang from the roof of your tent with hook or Velcro loop included
  • Attach to your Gazebo, 4 x 4 or camper frame with built-in magnet
  • More than 24 continuous hours of battery life at full brightness
  • Ultra-white 100 Lumen 23 LED bulbs
  • Takes 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Safety easy-grip surface
  • Water resistant


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